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Polopolus Lecture Series

2011: Dr. Artemis Leontis
University of Michigan
Topic: Archaeology in Greek Dress

2009: Dr. Nicholas Litinas
University of Crete and University of Michigan
Topic: Sexual content in Egyptian papyri

2006: Michael Hall
Topic: Masc Workshop

2005: Dr. Tatiana Tsakiropoulou-Summers
University of Alabama, at Tuscaloosa
Topic: ‘Pandora’s Box: Women in Greek Tradition’

2004: Dr. Costas Panayotakis
University of Glasgow
Topic: ‘Roman Drama on the Modern Greek Stage’

2002: Dimitris Makrynikolas
Greek Consul in Atlanta, GA
Topic: ‘Athens and the 2004 Olympics’

Greek Studies Lecturers 1981 – 2001

  • 03-24-98 John Iatrides
    Greece, Turkey and the Atlantic Alliance: Lessons from Nato’s First Enlargement
  • 04-14-98 Vassiliki Tsitsopoulou
    Internalizing the Tourist Gaze: The Greek Film Musicals of the 1960s.
    Also: screening of Theophilos.
  • 04-07-97 Michael Herzfeld
    Gender and the Reproduction ofPower in Modern Greek Society
  • 04-08-97 Michael Herzfeld
    Landscapes of a Greek Imagination. The Novelist and the Ethnographer
  • 03-26-96 James Williams
    The Issue of Cyprus. An Anal ysis of theGreek-Turkish-Cypriot Situation
  • 04-25-95 George Andreopoulos
    Misperception in Alliance Politics:Case of Greek-American Relations
  • 04-26-95 George Andreopoulos
    Greece at the Crossroads: Coping with Challenges of the ‘New World Order”
  • 03-21-95 Ted Alevizos
    Folk Songs of Greece
  • 01-24-95 Jonathan Shay
    Achilles in Vietnam
  • 03-22-94 Eugene Rossides
    U.S. Relations with Greece & Cyprus: Challenges for Greek-American Community
  • 03-18-93 Van Coufoudakis
    Greece & the Problem of Macedonia: Myths and Realities
  • 03-23- 93 Van Coufoudakis
    Cyprus Problem in the Post-Cold WarEra: Prospects for Resolution
  • 03-16-90 Robert Frazier
    Significance of the Truman Doctrine
  • 04-23-90 Nigel Clive
    The Greek Civil War 1946-1949
  • 04-24-90 Elizabeth Constantinides
    Continuity and Change in Modern Greek Literature
  • 12-06-90 Emmanual Voutiras
    The Cult of Dionysos in Ancient Macedonia
  • 02-7-89   John Oakley
    Wedding of an Athenian Maiden
  • 04-11-89 Maria Anastasopopulou
    Greek Women Novelists
  • 04-11-88 Jerry Augustinos
    The Greek World in the 19th Century
  • 04/11-12-13/1988  Spyros Vryonis
    Ancient Greeks, Byzantines and Modern Greeks: Scholarly Debate on Continuity and Discontinuity
    Byzantine Constantinople and Ottoman Istanbul: Evolution in a Millenial Imperial Iconography.
    The Structure of Greek Society and Culture under Ottoman Rule
    The Byzantine Legacy in the Folk Life and Tradition of the Balkan Peoples
  • 03-16-88 Julia Panourgia-Clones
    Economy of Modern Greece
  • 02-17-88 Constantine Santas
    Greek Poets of the 19th Century
  • 01-28-88 J. Patrick Polley
    Science in Ancient Greece
  • 01-15-87 Panos Karagiorgos
    Kalvos and the Greek Folklore
  • 02-25-87 Byron Raizis
    Greek Poetry of Revolution
  • 01-20-1986 Nanno Marinatos
    Rites of Passage: The Evidence from the Bronze Age Aegean.
  • 04-09-1986 John Iatrides
    U.S. -Greek Relations. Problems & Prospects.
  • 03-05-86 Constantine Santas
    Modern Greek Literature: A Comparative Perspective
  • 10-20-1986  Spyros Vryonis
    The Greeks and the Sea
  • 04-24-85 Emmanuel Hatziemmanuel
    The Present and Future of Greek – American Education
  • 02-27-85 Rep. Chris Spirou
    The Process of Practical Politics
  • 02-27-85 Constantine Santas
    Modern Greek Literature in the 19th Century
  • 03-21-84 Nicholas Gage
    The Courage of the Few
  • 02-15-84 Constantine Santas
    Greeks of the Diaspora
  • 11-29-1984 Richard Clogg
    The PASOK Phenomenon. An Analysis of Contemporary Greek Politics.
  • 04-13-83 Anastasios Coucoulios
    Modern Greek Political Life
  • 04-06-83 Mary Anna Marangos
    The Greeks of the Diaspora
  • 10-27-83 Helen Kazantzakis
    Kazantzakis: The Man
  • 10-27-83 Patroclos Stavrou
    Kazantzakis: His Work
  • 10-03-1983 Lars Baerentzen
    The Liberation of Greece 1944.
  • 04-07-1982 Niki Stavrolakes
    Underwater Archaeology in Greece: Excitement and Discovery.
  • 11-22-1982 Nikiforos Diamandouros  Greek Political Culture in Historical  Perspective.
  • 02-18-81 Theo Mantzanas
    Technology and Social Changes in Greece Today
  • 03-06-81 Hon John Tzounis
    Dedication Ceremony – The Significance of Modern Greek Studies
    Ambassador of Greece
  • 03-06-81 Edmund Keeley
    Inaugural Address-Odysseus Elytis and Greek Mythology